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History + Council

The Scottish Catholic Historical Association was founded in 1950 by a group of clergy and laity who wished to place Scottish Catholic history in the mainstream of historical research. Conferences, lectures, publications and the invaluable journal of the association - The Innes Review - have successfully achieved this goal set out over 65 years ago.

The first conference of the then Scottish Catholic Historical Committee was held in May 1949 at Polmont in Stirlingshire, under the auspices of the Edinburgh branch of the Newman Association of Great Britain. Attended by over 30 people, it heard four papers: Mr Donald Nicholl, who spoke on the Catholic's approach to history; Fr Anthony Ross OP, on the contribution made to Scottish historical studies by Catholic scholars; Fr David McRoberts on the Scottish Colleges on the continent; and Brother Clare (Dr Handley) on the work still to be done in Scottish social and economic history.

Before the conference ended, a committee was formed to plan another conference the following year. The meeting of the Scottish Catholic Hierarchy in October 1949 gave the committee it's recognition and blessing to the work it was pursuing. It was agreed that there would be an attempt to produce publications, continue with the annual conferences and carry forward the well progressed plans for the publication of the bi-annual review, to be called The Innes Review in commemoration of Father Thomas Innes, the most notable of Scottish Catholic historical writers.

Current Officers and Trustees
Convener: Professor Ian Campbell, University of Edinburgh
Secretary: Dr Iida Saarinen
Treasurer: Mr Andrew R Nicoll
Editor: Dr John Reuben Davies, University of Glasgow
Assistant Editor: Dr Linden Bickett
Reviews Editor: Dr Miles Kerr-Peterson

Current Members of Council
Professor Dauvit Broun, Rev Dr  Stephen Holmes, Dr Donald William Stewart, Dr Sara Parvis, Professor Daniel Szechi, Professor Gerard Carruthers, Dr Cristina Gonzalez-Longo, Dr Carol Richardson, Dr Bryony Coombs

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Membership of the Association is open to all. Membership of the Association is managed through subscription to the Innes Review, the journal of the Association. To subscribe to the Innes Review and become a member of the Scottish Catholic Historical Association, please use the Edinburgh University Press website which handles online subscriptions and payments. You can also download a membership form and return to Edinburgh University Press.

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The Innes Review

The Innes Review, The Journal of Scottish Catholic History, is a journal dedicated to the study of the part played by the Catholic Church in the history of the Scottish nation. It is named after Thomas Innes (1662-1744), a missionary priest, historian and archivist of the Scots College in Paris whose impartial scholarship and helpful cooperation did much to overcome the denominational prejudices of his age; an example of open-mindedness and objectivity which the Innes Review wishes always to keep before it and to follow.

Submissions and enquiries should be sent to the Editor of the Innes Review - Dr John Reuben Davies, Scottish History, School of Humanities, University of Glasgow, 9 University Gardens, Glasgow, G12 8QH. Email: or for post -1600 submissions in the first instance to the Assistant Editor of the Innes Review - Dr Linden Bickett, New College, University of Edinburgh, Mound Place, Edinburgh EH1 2LX.

Submissions should be word-processed, and be available to the Editor in electronic form, although they can be sent in the first instance only in hard copy.

Books for review should be sent to the Reviews Editor, Dr Miles Kerr-Peterson, c/o 45 Grovepark Street, Glasgow, G20 7NZ..

Back issues of the Innes Review are available to purchase from the Treasurer; the Innes Review is also available to view digitally via Edinburgh University Press.

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Newsletter + Publications

We aim to produce a newsletter twice a year. Previous issues can be found here:
2016: March
2013: February | December
2011: June
2010: MayNovember
2009: JanuaryMaySeptember

The Association publishes occasional works. The following are currently available:
Archivum Arcis - Sources of British and Irish History in the Archivum Arcis collection of the Vatican Secret Archives, 855–1789. Calendared and researched by Mgr. Charles Burns
Lost Interiors - The Furnishings of Scottish Churches in the Later Middle Ages by David McRoberts and Stephen Holmes.

A publications order form is available here.

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Conference + Seminars

The Association organises a conference each year. The conference for 2016 was entitled, 'Scottish Catholic Architecture and Material Culture' and was held in Edinburgh on 29 October 2016 at Lauriston Hall.

Seminars are held during the course of every year, and are advertised and reported on in the Newsletter. Seminars for the future are being finalised and will be confirmed soon.

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The Scottish Catholic Historical Association is a charity registered in Scotland SC005207. Copyright: The Scottish Catholic Historical Association, 2016